Philip Mancarella

Philip Mancarella (geb. 1983) is a musician and programmer. 
From 2004- 2008 he studied Jazz piano at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem in the Netherlands. Besides projects and performances with international artists and bands in Europe and Russia he regularly works for MIRA as a producer and musician and other artists, groups of artists, theatre ensembles and dancers. He composes and produces in the fields of electronic music, Jazz and improvised music for different ensembles. 

His research projects and artistic works consist to a large extend of programming of musical notation rules and the mutual inclusion of music and digital media.

My work with and for MIRA has become an inspiring, recurring working phase for me. I enjoy the passionate commitment of everyone involved and the acceptance of the audience at the same time.
The opportunity to collaborate with talented and creative choreographers and dancers combined in interdisciplinary performances and thus let the arts communicate and have an effect is one of the main reasons for this collaboration and proves to be true year after year.