MIRA 5 zu Gast bei FIRST STEPS, Krefeld 21.06.2017

Am Freitag, 09. Juni war MIRA 5 Gast bei FIRST STEPS – Krefeld TANZT Zeitgenössisch.

Wir sagen „Danke für die Einladung, Krefeld!“. Einige Impressionen vom Festival unter tanzweb.org.


English version of festival article by Klaus Dilger:

Sensitively choreographed and touching danced (Nachtkritik Klaus Dilger, Tanzweb Krefeld 09.06.2017)

When the spectators take their place around the light arena of fluorescent tubes at the Krefeld factory Heeder, the two performers Charlotte Petersen and Dong UK Kim form a human card house with their bodies. For a few minutes they restrain themselves as if they could not find any equilibrium without the other standing, slowly changing the positions until only the arms represent the connection of the counterweights, in order ultimately to fall to the ground as they slip away from each other.
At first, they begin to discover their independence, first by Dong Kim, and later by Charlotte Petersen. From gestures of previous dependencies, first delicate embraces develop, short holding and wearing but also acceptance and possession maturity. Even where the one person gives the other temporary support, simultaneous dependencies will not be repeated. These moments are one of the most beautiful of the almost fifty minutes of the choreographer Julia Riera and Julia Franken, who is also responsible for the stage.
It is a gently choreographed evening about relationship and emancipation, falling and rising, identity and trust which is interpreted convincingly by the protagonists and to which Philip Mancarella has composed the coherent soundtrack, which gives the performance in the best sense a cinematographic level.
A part of this was awarded in May 2017 as the best duo at the „SoloDuo NRW & Friends 2017“ festival.

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