Thematically WISH is an examination of the pursuit of happiness. How does this happiness look like and what is the key to it? For the first time ever we tried to work with prerecorded footage in this performance that contentwise and visually presented a fictitious castle in the air. Based on this idea we developed the spacial concept for the stage performance that followed later on. We built a three-dimensional cinematic room from 4 projection surfaces in which Julia Riera`s solo performance took place and the audience was allowed to move around as well inside of it.

Dance: Julia Riera
Composer, Live Musician: Philip Mancarella
LiveVideo: Julia Franken, Gonzalo H. Rodriguez
Dramaturgy: Emily Welther
Artistic Advice: Thomas Falk
Film Performer: Julia Riera, Emily Welther, Thomas Falk
Costumes Film: Claudia Konold, Julia Franken
Press&Publicity: mechtild tellmann Cultural Management
Trailer: Giulia Massignan, Giacomo Bolzano

Funded by The City of Cologne and the Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia