as if you stood by the shore of the lake … as if you felt the richness of the melodious sound in the silent moment … as if the past translated itself into the present to presently be past …

(Quote from „Home“ by Christian Schüle)

We got on the move and were forced to be on the tramp – through exterior and interior spaces.

Five friends meet while in search of their own self.

At Thuley.

MIRA7_Thuley is a production with five dancers of different cultural background and different ages. Three of them are adult, professional dancers while the other two are young people from Afghanistan. What they have in common is their difference and their excitement for a dance experiment of contrasts.

MIRA develops multi-layered productions of high sensitivity and intense imagery. The inside and outside are brought into direct dialogue, what goes under the skin becomes visible and what is not tangible becomes noticeable. Experimentally and sensitively MIRA explores boundaries – imaginary or spatial – between genres, personal or interpersonal.

Director/Choreographer: Julia Riera
Music: Philip Mancarella
Dance: Fa-Hsuan Chen, Odile Foehl, Mahdi Mosawi, Omid Rezai, Lin Verleger
Dramaturgy: Thomas Falk
Light: Wolfgang Pütz
Press&Publicity: Mechtild Tellmann
Photography: Teresa Rothwangl, Sven Evertz, Werner Meyer
Produktion Assistance: Rubina Uenzelmann

Funded by:
City of Cologne Culture Department
Interculture District Government Cologne

MIRA 7_Thuley last performances