My eventful life 2021

My eventful life


Those who have experienced a lot have a lot to tell. And those who are still at the beginning of their story are often looking for orientation. Especially now, at this particular moment, when the insecurity we always live with is so obvious and palpable, it can be inspiring to hear what others have experienced, how they have shaped their lives. But especially now, when we are even more isolated from each other than before, we often don’t get to know much about each other either.How do we access our wealth of experience and how can we invite others to share it with us? What new perspectives open up? And how can we use our bodies and movement in remembering and sharing our memories?
We are looking for people over 60 who would like to develop short cinematic self-portraits with us – carried by their own narratives and translated into movement. We are Julia Riera (choreographer) and Magdalena Hutter (documentary film director and cinematographer).

In workshops – first digitally via Zoom, then in real life as soon as it is possible again – we will look at what is important to us about our own history, what we want to share about it, and how movement and film can be used for this. Together we will move; we will look at how short video sequences can be shot with a camera, phone or computer; and we will develop concepts for short cinematic portraits that we can then complete in the spring and summer. No special technical knowledge is necessary and there are no minimum requirements as far as possibilities for movement are concerned. Only an internet connection and a device that can be used to participate in a Zoom video conference (computer with webcam and microphone, tablet or mobile phone) are required. And a good portion of curiosity, a desire for new encounters and the willingness to do so, and joy in sharing your own experiences and stories – in words or through movements, and preferably in both!

We start in February 2021 with digital meetings:
-from 10.02.2021 every Wednesday from 9.30-11.00 a.m. in digital format (Zoom).
-from May 2021 (situation permitting) 1-2 weeks of intensive workshop and filming outdoors.
If you have difficulties with digital formats but would like to participate, please contact us and we will look for solutions together!

Registration & more info at: Julia Riera or
Supported by the Förderfonds Kultur & Alter

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