Plastic Surgery 2016

Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery

The objects of this installation are based on an idea of Julia Franken and Julia Riera during their research phase „Plastic Surgery” 2016 – funded by the SK Cultural Foundation.

We were alble to do this research thanks to the SK Cultural Foundation.

We worked at the intersection of video/object art and performance and have come a big step forward in doing so. 
Technically we have stepped into the field of interaction by working with sensors and the necessary software. Our basic material was heated formable plastic for the design of the objects. 
The result is an interactive installation with fragmented body parts made of plastic that float in the space like imprints of a fleeting movement, a fading moment.  
These floating body parts are connected to sensors that can be triggered by different signals. These signals are then translated into video and sound signals that become visible and audible for the viewer. 
We are planning to develop this work over the next few years.