MIRA develops multi-layered productions of high sensitivity and intense imagery. The inside and outside are brought into direct dialogue, what goes under the skin becomes visible and what is not tangible becomes noticeable. Experimentally and sensitively MIRA explores boundaries – imaginary or spatial – between genres, personal or interpersonal. 
Julia Riera`s keen eye interfuses with existential, spiritual and physical depth.

…You rarely experience such an artful dialogue on an eye-level between dance and music. The work is so expressive that ultimately a very special experience of a performance is bestowed upon the audience and presents an idea of archaic depth of human movement.

Thomas Linden/Kölner Rundschau am 24.10.2017

We are looking for mature, open minded dancer.
Applicants must be experienced, skilled dancers and physical theatre performers with a strong stage presence. Creative dancer, highly motivated, serious attitude, commitment to job. Preferably dancers based around Cologne.
Age: Above 32

The performance is going to be site-specific.
Dancers must be available on the following rehearsal dates:

27.05.- 31.05 2019
09.09.- 20.09.2019
25.11.- 08.12.2019
13.01.- 24.01.2020

Audition Date: March 9th, Sat, 10 am – 4pm, Cologne, ZAIK/Quartier am Hafen, Poller Kirchweg 78 – 90. 51105 Köln

Deadline for applications: March 1st

To apply please send a CV to info@mira-performance.de

You will receive a mail within a week whether you are invited or not.

MIRA does not refund travel costs for the audition.